20 Fun Summer Activities

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Nothing beats Summertime, just ask my kids.  As a parent, I’m always looking for new, fun things for my kids to do at home, since going out can be so expensive.  That normally just involves a kiddie pool or a hose.  I searched Pinterest and found 20 great ideas, most DIY that you can do with your kids this summer.  So, let’s get on with finding those Summer Activities, shall we?


Summer Activities

  1. DIY Lawn Twister

2. DIY Bubbles Refill Container

3. Bouncing Bubbles

4. DIY Water Wall

5. Reading Tent/Tepee

6. Messy Play Ideas

7. Summer Fun Cards

8. Homemade Puffy Paint

9. Dinosaur Eggs

10. Water Bombs

11. Homemade Ring Toss

12. Water Balloon Pinata

13. Vintage Lemonade Stand

14. Kid Wash

15. Solar S’mores

16. Drive In Movie Night

17.  Body Painting

18. Discovery Eggs

19. Pool Noodle Activities

20. Crayon Candle

So, there you have it…20 amazing ideas to share with your kids, and a few that you can do with your friends on nights when you can magically conjure up a babysitter.  I think that Lawn Twister looks pretty darn fun.  Even your older kids can have fun with that one, and the Solar S’mores, and it’s EDUCATIONAL, but don’t tell them that!

I hope that you’ve found at least one activity that you can add to your summer fun ideas, and if you do, let me know!  (Oh, and the crayon candles wouldn’t be a bad idea for a Mother’s Day gift, either!)

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing my pool noodle activities in your list. This is a great list for summer! I’m pinning so I don’t lose it. :)

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