25 DIY Christmas Wreaths

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Good morning, or afternoon, or evening, or whatever time of day it is when you find yourself at my blog :).  Today, I’m going to show you 25 DIY Christmas Wreaths I think are pretty darn awesome.  I sure hope you agree!  Sit back with some hot cocoa or coffee, and prepare to craft!

25 DIY Wreaths

Anything simple is good here, and simple is always the name of my game.  I am not good at crafts, at all, but some of these 25 DIY Christmas Wreaths look so simple, that even *I* could do them, and that’s saying something!

If you’re super crafty, there’s even some harder wreaths that fit your craft skillz!  I think there may even be a few that your kids can help with, even if it’s just to hold your bottle of glue!  They can definitely help with the Clothes pin wreath, just watch the fingers, now!  That wreath can also be used as an advent wreath as well!  So many possibilities!

And, did you see that bubble wreath?  AMAZING! I wish my crafting skillz were a little….more.  BUT, if any of you would like to make me that wreath, who am I to complain…?  Kidding Kidding!

Now, on to our 25 DIY Wreaths, shall we?  Throw on some hot cocoa or coffee <find some yummy recipes here!>, turn on the Christmas tunes, and start crafting! :)

 1. White Christmas Wreath

 2. Rag Wreath

 3. Eco-Friendly Wreath

 4. Popcorn Wreath

 5. Round Ornament Wreath

 6. Easy Christmas Wreaths

 7. Deco Mesh Wreath

 8. Peppermint Candy Wreath

 9. Bubble Wreath (My personal favorite!)

10. Fur Wreath

11. Snowball Wreath

12. “Traditional” Wreath

13. Christmas Card Holding Wreath

14. Burlap Christmas Wreath

15. Monogram Holly Wreath

16. Christmas Ball Ornament 2

17. Pretty Wreath

18. 20 Minute DIY Wreath

19. Ornament Wreath 3

20. Recycled CD Wreath

21. 8 Wreath Ideas

22. Stuffed Wreath

23. Fabric Wreath

24. Old Photo Wreath (seasonal)

25. Recycled Paper Wreath

Also, for your enjoyment, some gingerbread recipes!

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  1. says

    Those look amazing! We always put up a real one on our door but it always dies before Christmas! UGh! maybe i should try one of these. thanks for the inspiration


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