15 Diaper Cake Tutorials

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15 Diaper Cakes!

It seems like everyone is having babies these days, so I think these 15 diaper cake tutorials are awesome things to think about when trying to decide on the perfect gift.  I’m done having babies, but I sure wish these had been popular when I was pregnant.  They’re so cute!  They’re also pretty easy to make, or at least look pretty darn easy!

And….think of all the accessories you can add!  Here are 15 different ideas you can make, or come up with your own!  Add binkies, bonnets, bibs, toys, flowers, baby blankets, ribbons, and so much more!


15 diaper Cake tutorial image

Great Diaper Cakes from Great Bloggers!

 1. Flower Diaper Cake

 2. Fondant Style Diaper Cake

 3. Nest Diaper Cake

 4. Bunny Diaper Cake

 5. Champagne Diaper Cake

 6. Butterfly Diaper Cake

 7. Duck Diaper Cake

 8. It’s a Girl Diaper Cake

 9. Super Hero Diaper Cake

10. Tricycle Diaper Cake

11. Elephant Diaper Cake

12. Simple Diaper Cake

13. Elephant Motorcycle Diaper Cake

14. Easy Diaper Cake

15. Cute Diaper Cake

I hope I’ve given you a few ideas for what you want to give the pregnant woman in your life for a shower gift, and that you’ve gotten some inspiration from these wonderful bloggers.   I think that there is nothing better than the gift of diapers, because you go through a lot of diapers in the first week alone!

Babies are so precious, and I cherish my three babies every single day, even though they’re no longer babies in the real sense, they’ll always be MY babies :).

Let me know which tutorial was your favorite, and be sure to share any that you make on the wall of my Facebook page!  Above all else, these cakes should be about the fun you having making them, and the thought you put into them.  If they don’t turn out perfect, don’t worry about it.  You’re giving a gift! :)

And if you’re the pregnant one, make sure you ask one of your friends to make you one, or make your own!

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