The Day Has Come!

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The day has come, I am officially the mother of two school aged children *sniff!*  I was afraid that Drake wouldn’t get up this morning because he was up SO late last night because he was excited.  School has been all he’s talked about since Open House last week.  However, when I woke up to my first alarm at around 7 this morning, and tried to lay back down (he was in our bed lol), he JUMPED up and said “Okay mom, GET UP!”  *grumble grumble*

We got up, had some breakfast, brushed teeth, got the bookbag all filled up, clothes and shoes on, and bookbag on the back, even though he still had an HOUR until the bus came lol!  Where was Sierra you ask?  Sleeping lol!  I tried to wake her up, but she wasn’t having it, so I got her up around 8, which gave her plenty of time to be ready.  She started last week, so she wasn’t nearly as excited.

She’s been worried about Drake, though.  I asked her to take him to breakfast every morning, just to be sure he’s not still hungry, and to his room for the first few weeks, just until he figures it all out.  She, on the other hand, wants to make sure his teacher knows EVERYTHING.  He has a bus badge, but she thinks she should go tell his teacher what bus he rides, and then, show up every day before they get on the buses and pick him up and take him herself, “just so he doesn’t get lost, mom!” lol!  I had to explain that, while I applaud her effort to help out the Kindergarten teacher, I think she knows what she’s doing, and I’m pretty sure they will get walked to their bus for at least the first week or two…plus there is a bus badge on his bookbag, just in case!  She’s not convinced, but she’ll figure it out soon enough.

I sincerely hope that they both have a GREAT day, but it was really difficult to watch him get on that bus :(.  I wanted him to stay home with me….  I’ll probably be much more productive with just one child around all day, but still…he’s my baby!!!! lol

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  1. Donna Boals says

    I understand. It is difficult the first few days, but after you get used to it, you will find that you do get alot more done and it will be so much fun to hear all of his new experiences! I hope you give them both a kiss and hug for me…Okay, Gage too!! And tell Sierra that I am very proud of her being protective of her brother. You have nothing to worry about!!

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