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How many ways are there to make pizza?  I can name off a few, but last night I found 18 different kinds of pizza, and today, I’m sharing them with you, and where to find them!  It is Friday, right?  Friday was always pizza night in my house, so let’s do a pizza “night” right here!



Don’t those look yummy?  Bet you’re wondering where you can find the recipes, huh?  Well, I have those, too! :)  You can say thank you later :P.

1. Taco Pizza

2.  Pizza Casserole

3. Pizza Balls

4.  Pizza Nachos

5. Pizza Grilled Cheese (This looks SOOO good!)

6. Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

7. Pizza Roll Ups *Like a Hot Pocket, only healthier!

8. Veggie Pizza  (For all of our vegetarians out there, or for a meatless meal!)

9. Pizza Bake

10. Stuffed Pizza Rolls

11. Pizza Puffs

12. Chicago Style Deep Dish

13. Whole Wheat Pita Pizza

14. Stuffed Crust Pizza (My kid’s all time favorite!)

15. Crock Pot Pizza

16. Pizza Crust you can use to make Garlic Sticks

17.  Portobello Mushroom Pizza

18. Breakfast Pizza (For weekend mornings :)


If you like pizza, you should be able to find at LEAST one in there that you like :).  I know that I like several of them!  Which one do you think looks the best?

Have a great dinner tonight!!!

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