Blogging Vs “Sharking”


This wasn’t the blog post I was intending to write today.  I was going to write about Common Core, and Cursive handwriting, but then, I decided to go with this topic, because I’ve found one blogger who thinks it’s okay to “shark” other people’s work. “Sharking” is basically plagiarism, and in this form, it’s stealing […]

36 Unique Grilling Recipes

Unique Grilling Recipes

Summer is almost here, however…WHO needs summer???  Not I?  I’m ready to start grilling now!  I wanted to find some new grilling recipes that I hadn’t heard of or tried before, so I figured, why not make it a roundup, so that I can share it with you guys!  From veggies to main courses, and […]

Easter Rice Krispy Treats


Easter is only a few weeks away!!!  That means that the Easter Bunny is in full effect, gathering all of his pretty eggs, and candy to put in all of the Easter baskets.  Now, it’s up to YOU to come up with some yummy dessert ideas!  Are you stumped???  If so, I think I just […]

Lunchtime with Alpine Lace Deli Cheese

Chicken Swiss sandwich

Thanks to Alpine Lace for sponsoring today’s recipe!!! Spring has finally sprung, or maybe it hasn’t quite yet for you, but sports are starting in schools across America.  Soccer, baseball, softball games.  Then summer comes and it’s Football, band practice, volleyball, the list goes on and on.  Having a great go to snack is key […]

4 Easter Ideas to Share with Your Family


Easter will be here before you know it, and with it comes the ability to be able to wow your kids with fun things to do.  A lot of families have different traditions for Easter, and I thought I’d list a few ideas that you can use this year! Easter Egg Hunts This isn’t a […]

Words Hurt

Hurtful Words

Today was nothing special.  David works afternoons, so all the running has to get done before he leaves for work.  Some days we run everywhere, but today was easy…  A simple trip to the dollar store for some toilet paper, conditioner (how do you run out of conditioner so much faster than shampoo???), and a […]

77 Delicious Crock Pot Recipes

Crock Pot Recipes

Spring is knocking on the door, which means team practices and games will be starting soon!  Sure, you could hit the drive-thru at your favorite fast food restaurant, but why would you when you have a perfectly good crock pot, just waiting to be used???  With the help of a few awesome bloggers, we came […]

62 Valentine’s Day Sweets to Share with Your Valentine

Valentine's Day Desserts

Can you believe it’s almost February?  It’s not only the month of LOVE, but it’s also David’s birthday (February 11th).  So,  while I have to come up with something special for Valentine’s Day, I also have to think of something great for his birthday, too.  This may be sort of like having a birthday right […]

Weight Watchers Friendly Recipes

Weight Watcher Recipes

If you’ve made a resolution to change the way you eat, maybe Weight Watchers is the right fit for you!  You can even do Weight Watchers for FREE!  I know that I need to get back on track.  This cold weather knocked me on my booty, and I haven’t gotten up in a while.  I’m […]

35 Make Ahead/Quick Breakfasts for Christmas Morning


There’s nothing worse than having to slave over a hot stove while your guests sit around and talk without you… Or having too many cooks in the kitchen, especially right after you wake up.  Christmas is a time for family, and even though cooking a great meal is important, you don’t want to waste all […]

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