Shawshank Redemption Tour is COMING!!!

Shawshank Redemption

Next month, Mansfield is fixing to become one BUSY town!  If you’ve ever seen Shawshank Redemption, and you haven’t read my posts about the Shawshank Trail, it’s a great vacation spot if you love the movie.  There are brochures pointing you to the locations of the places here in Mansfield, Ashland, and a few other […]

Introducing Kyle Bloodcurdle!


I’m sure you’re all asking who Kyle Bloodcurdle is, and why you should care.  I’m here to answer both of those questions! Kyle Bloodcurdle is my friend Max Finsettler’s Vent Figure.  (A Vent Figure is short term for Ventriloquist Figure.)   I went to school with Max, and I knew from the day I met […]

20 Tasty Patriotic Desserts

Patriotic Desserts

Can you believe that July 4th is almost here already???  It seems like summer just started, and some kids aren’t even out of school yet, after all that horrible snow and icy cold weather, but here we are.  If you’re already thinking ahead to your Fourth party like I am, you may be looking for […]

Catching Up For Some Summer Fun

Summer in Ohio

It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone.  I’m trying to come up with some amazing reviews, and to come up with some great places around Mansfield, and in Ohio in general so that I can show you how great my little home is, and bring you a little bit of our Summer Fun, too! […]

WIN! Neater Feeder Review and Giveaway


This post is sponsored by Neater Feeder.  I received an item for my honest review, and all opinions are solely my own (well, okay, so Jackson had some say, too…) Just a few weeks ago, we finally added a new addition to our family.  His name is Jackson, which is sort of funny, since Sierra’s […]

60 “Manly” Father’s Day Recipes

Father's Day Recipes

Everyone knows that Father’s Day is known for bad ties, great handmade gifts, and of course dad’s favorite meal…  BUT, is dad really tired of that meal?  Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t… Or…maybe you do something different each year.  I found 60 “Manly” recipes for you to choose from to make Dad’s Father’s Day […]

Common Core and Your Child

Common Core

If you’re a parent, you’ve most likely at least heard of Common Core.  If you’ve seen it, you’re probably completely baffled by it, as am I.  It’s so confusing, and when my kids ask for my help, I look at them like I have no idea why they want ME to help them!  It’s impossibly hard! […]

Blogging Vs “Sharking”


This wasn’t the blog post I was intending to write today.  I was going to write about Common Core, and Cursive handwriting, but then, I decided to go with this topic, because I’ve found one blogger who thinks it’s okay to “shark” other people’s work. “Sharking” is basically plagiarism, and in this form, it’s stealing […]

36 Unique Grilling Recipes

Unique Grilling Recipes

Summer is almost here, however…WHO needs summer???  Not I?  I’m ready to start grilling now!  I wanted to find some new grilling recipes that I hadn’t heard of or tried before, so I figured, why not make it a roundup, so that I can share it with you guys!  From veggies to main courses, and […]

Easter Rice Krispy Treats


Easter is only a few weeks away!!!  That means that the Easter Bunny is in full effect, gathering all of his pretty eggs, and candy to put in all of the Easter baskets.  Now, it’s up to YOU to come up with some yummy dessert ideas!  Are you stumped???  If so, I think I just […]

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